For the design, the company makes use of no.4 Solid Works Workstations for 3D design, no.3 Mastercam workstations for mechanical machining, no.2 Cut plus stations for EDM and finally no.5 Cad-Key workstations for the two-dimensional drawing, all connected to the network on which specific and constantly updated software are installed. To optimize the production process, the design is closely correlated with the CNC machines and provides the “tool paths”. We are also equipped with a 3D printer for the production of large plastic prototypes (ø400x700mm).


Our production department is able to perform multiple precision mechanical processes and uses:

  • No. 8 Vertical work centers with working fields 1000×500 to 2000×800mm
  • No. 1 Hermle C800 5-axes milling machine
  • No. 5 Wire erosion machines with working range up to 650x400x400mm
  • No. 2 Plunge erosion machines with work surfaces up to 800×500mm
  • No. 2 Numerically controlled lathes for machining up to ø320mm
  • No. 1 Tangential grinding machine with working range up to 1000×500mm
  • No. 1 Micro drilling machine

Functional/dimensional testing

The mechanical processes are tested by the three-dimensional SCAN MAX ZEISS with final report release (profile scan, hole spacing, diameter tolerances).
All our shearing machines are tested in order to verify the functionality and compliance required by the customer.
For the blanking test, a KZP 30 T and/or KZ 70 hydraulic press is used, identical to those used in the most modern casting foundries, to simulate the final use conditions as realistically as possible and to prevent possible inconveniences as far as possible.
Even after the deliveries have been made, the company offers an after-sales service aimed at tackling and resolving any problems that customers may encounter during the production phase of the equipment.

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