Who We Are

Who We Are

The company CORSI was founded in 1981 as a mechanical tooling aimed at the realization of mechanical parts for third party work in the electro-erosion sector. In the mid-80s it specialized in the production of sheet metal shredders, in block and progressive, becoming in short a professional reality of reference for the sector. At the same time, the company began to take its first steps in the plastic sector, creating molds for thermoforming and injection up to the construction of cutting dies for die-casting, control masks, sprues removers, workpiece gripping equipment for the machining of mergers.

Today the reality of CORSI TRIMMING TOOLS consists of a factory that covers an area of about 1.400 square meters where are located the technical offices and the commercial and administrative offices (120 square meters). With the advent of the generational change, which took place in 2008, new ideas and technologies have become part of and integrate the machinery and operating systems that, the staff, including 13 qualified professionals, has immediately received. The continuous innovation and the strengthening of our structure is demonstrated by the appreciation that our customers recognize on a daily basis.


Among the new initiatives put in place for a comparison with the companies operating in the foundry sector, CORSI TRIMMING TOOLS has inaugurated in 2010, with the participation in the “METEF”, its new way of interacting with its customers and the potential market also proposing itself in a European key.
Over thirty years of experience, the constant updating of internal design and production techniques, the use of cutting-edge technologies and the particular sensitivity demonstrated in the recent investment made in the production of clean energy while respecting the environment, make the TRIMMING TOOLS trustworthy and innovative company that can request complete services from design to testing, respecting the quality standards required by the market today, with an excellent quality and price ratio. The professionals working within the company will always be able to offer you suitable solutions and equipment.

Green Energy

With the supply of fossil fuel that decreases every day, the societies are turning more and more to solar energy. The sun is the most vital source of energy and is essential for a greener and cleaner future. Solar energy is the perfect solution for using the most abundant resource in nature. With the installation of solar systems, we help reduce the greenhouse effect, thus ensuring a better tomorrow for future generations. The growing demand for electricity: according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the demand for electricity worldwide is set to increase from 16.1 trillion kilowatts in 2002 to over 31.7 in 2030. Another study The IEA found that more than 66% of the world’s electricity generated comes from fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas and oil.

The CORSI TRIMMING TOOLS, a company particularly attentive to these problems, is proud to contribute to maintaining a cleaner planet. In the midst of the economic crisis, in 2011, with the innovative spirit that has always distinguished it, it began to take an interest in the installation of a photovoltaic system at its plant. The reasons that led to this choice were: to save on the costs of the energy used in its plants and to enhance the existing capital being the property of the company owned by the same. Therefore our Company can declare itself an “emission 0” production site because the energy produced by the renewable source is equal to the energy it consumes. Beyond the economic interest that has guided it, this experience has led to a positive environmental awareness in the company organization, which has increased the esteem of workers and collaborators towards the company, generating a new additional reason for belonging.

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